School Phone Directory

Board Office (231) 627-4436
High School (231) 627-7191
Middle School (231) 627-7103
East Elementary (231) 627-5211
West Elementary (231) 627-2362
Alternative Education (231) 627-5613

Cyber Safety

Recently, students in grades K-8 watched a presentation from the Michigan Attorney General's Office on Cyber Safety. The entire presentation is available online on the Cyber Safety website.

Cyber Safety Website

Under the "Student Presentation handouts" is a contract for students and their parents to use to establish guidelines for Internet use.

Cheboygan Area Schools


   Message from the Superintendent

I personally want to say “Thank You!” for choosing Cheboygan Area Schools as your school of choice.  As we move into the 2011-2012 school year, I want to assure you that the education of students is our Job 1.  The Cheboygan Area Schools Mission Statement states:  “Provide and teach all students the curriculum necessary to develop their knowledge base and learning skills to enable them to function as responsible and informed members of a changing society.” We take those words very literally.

In these challenging economic times, the Cheboygan Area Schools’ Board of Education authorized the use of money from our Fund Balance to ensure that all academic programs offered will continue to be offered.  The students that attend Cheboygan Area Schools deserve the same opportunities as any student in the State of Michigan.

The entire staff at Cheboygan Area Schools will do everything within our power to give all students who attend here many opportunities to challenge themselves to be the best they can be.  I believe that all our schools – grades K-1 at West Elementary, grades 2-4 at East Elementary, grades 5-8 at the Middle School, grades 9-12 at the High School, and the Alternative High School – all give students great educational opportunities in socially and age-appropriate environments.

Cheboygan Area Schools may have reduced their staffing needs, but continue to increase educational opportunities.  We will now be offering Spanish as a Foreign Language to grades 5-8; the Career and Technology Education classes at the High School will all remain in place; and we are encouraged by a very positive and growing Alternative High School.

Cheboygan Area Schools is committed to education being our Job 1.  If you are interested in becoming a member of our school family or would like more information, please call me at 627-4436.  We are dedicated to providing all students many opportunities to achieve their educational goals.

Mark Dombroski, Superintendent