School Phone Directory

Board Office (231) 627-4436
High School (231) 627-7191
Middle School (231) 627-7103
East Elementary (231) 627-5211
West Elementary (231) 627-2362
Alternative Education (231) 627-5613

Cyber Safety

Recently, students in grades K-8 watched a presentation from the Michigan Attorney General's Office on Cyber Safety. The entire presentation is available online on the Cyber Safety website.

Cyber Safety Website

Under the "Student Presentation handouts" is a contract for students and their parents to use to establish guidelines for Internet use.


Bus Garage and Maintenance Office Contact Information

Phone:  231-627-4422

Address: 801 1/2  W. Lincoln Avenue


Transportation/Maintenance Director:  Pete Dobrowolski

Student Transportation Coordinator:  Tammy Kage