School Phone Directory

Board Office (231) 627-4436
High School (231) 627-7191
Middle School (231) 627-7103
East Elementary (231) 627-5211
West Elementary (231) 627-2362
Alternative Education (231) 627-5613

Cyber Safety

Recently, students in grades K-8 watched a presentation from the Michigan Attorney General's Office on Cyber Safety. The entire presentation is available online on the Cyber Safety website.

Cyber Safety Website

Under the "Student Presentation handouts" is a contract for students and their parents to use to establish guidelines for Internet use.

District Annual Reports

 Each building in the Cheboygan Area Schools District is required to submit an Annual Report to the public. The annual report consists of two parts: a cover letter and data. Click on the words "Cover Letter" and "Annual Report Data" to view the information.

District Annual Report
West Elementary Annual Report
East Elementary Annual Report
Cheboygan Middle School Annual Report
Cheboygan Area High School Annual Report
Cheboygan Alternative High School
Annual Report